Open Letter to RCMP Members in Quebec

The QMPMA is trying to delay an accelerated vote. Let’s send a positive message to our troop-mates and colleagues in Quebec, who share the same concerns as those of us serving in other Divisions. Invite them to join us in making a better future for all RCMP members.

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As police officers we are trained to engage and overcome both the legitimate and perceived threats to the public we are sworn to protect. Today, members of the RCMP face a new threat: the ability for our employers, the Commissioner and Treasury Board, to unilaterally roll back wages and/or benefits with no opposition. This threat will become a reality without a collective voice to speak for members on terms and conditions of employment like pay, benefits, promotions, transfers etc. This sets us back 50 years in terms of labour relations with our employers. We need to react accordingly to contain and eliminate this threat to the general membership, we need the National Police Federation.

WE must act NOW. Together not only can we contain this threat, but we can push forward and ensure that the members of this organization are adequately supported, represented and compensated while serving the public they have sworn to protect

These are the Quick Facts:

  • January 16, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released its decision in MPAO v. Attorney General of Canada. The SCC directed the Federal Government to implement legislative changes, within one year, to allow for members of the RCMP to certify a bargaining agent.
  • December 8th, 2015 the newly elected Federal Government applied to the SCC for a 6 month extension to the one year deadline in order to draft, table and pass the required legislative changes to the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) to comply with the MPAO decision.
  • On January 15th, 2016, the SCC granted the Federal Government a 4 month extension to table and pass legislation providing the framework for certification of a bargaining agent for members of the RCMP.
  • On January 16th, 2016 the Commissioner of the RCMP announced the creation of a new Member Workplace Services Program (MWSP) that will assist and guide members in the labour relations world as an interim model until a bargaining agent can be certified;
  • On March 9th, 2016 the Federal Government introduced Bill C-7 to comply with the SCC decision and has until May 15th, 2016 to have C-7 receive Royal Assent.

The simple problem with the MWSP; designed, implemented and managed exclusively by RCMP management; is that members have no collective voice – it is individual assistance/guidance only, there is no collective. Members will have no national representation on issues such as pay, health benefits, occupational safety and NCO promotion process to name a few. This takes us back several decades. This MWSP does not provide meaningful labour relations in any way and the membership cannot sit idly by, we must stand up with the right organization that has the necessary experience, passion and integrity.

We ask you: Do you trust RCMP management and Treasury Board to have your best interests at heart when making unilateral decisions regarding (to name a few):

  • Pay;
  • Benefits (health/dental);
  • Transfers & Promotions;
  • Member Safety;
  • Isolated Posts;
  • Sick Leave;
  • Kit and clothing (equipment);

As members, we are trained to take action – we have been placed in a corner and there is only one option to represent your regional, national, contract and federal interests - we need to take action and ensure that there is a voice for the membership of the RCMP at all tables that discuss terms and conditions of employment. Every day that passes, gives RCMP management the opportunity to roll back and change benefits without opposition. We need to act now!

We are the voice that provides the experience we need. Join the National Police Federation now!


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National Police Federation
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Kelowna Regional Detachment was honoured recently to celebrate a 100-year-old Mountie. RCMP Veteran Sydney Bennett Pratt Reg. 13999 joined the RCMP in 1940 and still shines with the same pride today as the day he received his badge. It remains as important as ever to remember and honour the heroes who dedicate their lives to keep Canada safe. Thank you Syd for your service on your 100th birthday!! via Kelowna RCMP ...

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Le détachement régional de Kelowna a récemment eu l'honneur de célébrer un membre de la police montée centenaire. Sydney Bennett Pratt Reg. 13999, vétéran de la GRC, a joint les rangs de la GRC en 1940 et rayonne encore aujourd'hui de la même fierté que le jour où il a reçu son insigne. Il est toujours aussi important de se souvenir et d'honorer les héros qui consacrent leur vie à assurer la sécurité du Canada. Merci Syd pour tes services à l'occasion de ton 100e anniversaire! via GRC de Kelowna ...

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This year’s Pride celebrations will look a little bit different all across our country, but we stand with all of our Members and communities in spirit and solidarity. Love is love is love. ...

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Cette année, les célébrations de la fierté seront un peu différentes partout au pays, mais nous sommes solidaires de tous nos membres et de toutes nos communautés. L'amour est l'amour est l'amour. ...

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Our Members all across the country are proud to live and serve in respectful, diverse and caring communities. Canada is home to all of us - let’s take care of each other. ...

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50 thoughts on “Home NPF-FPN

    • Hello Shawn

      We have met with the PMO and prepared three letters going out to members of parliament, who are directly involved and responsible for this Bill and the RCMP. We have strongly advised them of our disapproval for this Bill and that they need to reconsider the Bill in its entirety. I personally have sent out an email to several MPs as well as the Prime Minister today. We will attempt to keep you all informed.

    • There does not seem to be a whole lot going on with this web page and not a lot of updated information unless I am missing something. As much of a concern as Bill C-7 is, at this stage of the game I am more concerned about our pay package that was submitted over a year ago and absolutely nothing happening, or no updates. We sit in limbo as usual and now rumours are flying that we may not get anything because we now have the right to form a union.

      If it ends up that there is no pay package or raise, then I suggest some sort of Work to Rule across the entire country. Are there any members at the head of this group speaking with Bob Paulson, and or anyone else near the top, or other government people that can provide some sort of answer to this dilemma. The morale in the RCMP is at the lowest I have seen, even worse than in the mid 1990’s when we had a 5 year wage freeze.

      Any details that can be provided would be appreciated.

    • I just listened to Brian Sauve presentation and I was impressed with his positive spin. If each member of NPF recruits one other member, that would double the numbers in no time. Time to act and play a difference. I challenge every member to recruit one member this week.

  1. I understand that there is a bill currently in play recommending the end of Veterans Affairs benefits for RCMP members with the replacement to be WCB? Can you advise on this bill?

    I am extremely happy to see members getting together to push back and fight for the salaries and benefits that us as members of this once great organization deserve. This career we choose although very difficult and rewarding is one we all took on with great pride and desire to serve our country. I am hopeful you are able to bring a strong voice forward for us all as members that will be heard and respected. Thank you.

    D. MOORE
    E. Div.

    • Hello Deana

      This is true in its current format, it is known as Bill C-7 ( and within this amendment there is a portion that has been put in to the Bill by some, what I would call, underhanded individuals from the RCMP. This portion is the Government Employment Compensation Act (GECA) which will essentially take us out of the Veterans Affairs and try to put us under the provincial WCB…this would be a travesty. This will not be effective or proper for the members of the RCMP as we are the most diverse and spread out of any employee of the Government of Canada. We have asked the PMO staff in person to have this removed, as well we have prepared and sent off letters to the MPs responsible for us and this Bill. I have also taken the opportunity to send an email to several MPs and the Prime Minister my self, which I would encourage all members to do. There emails can be found at I hope this is of some assistance. I agree with you entirely about members getting together – United we Stand Spread the word and please get all members you know to come join the NPF at, so we have a strong collective reasoned voice.

  2. Hello Eric – the french site is up and running – just on the right side of the header where it says “English”, there is an arrow that redirects you to the french version of the site. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi,

    Aside from Facebook, this site and word of mouth how are you going to entice more members to join? I am finding that those members not on Facebook have no idea about NPF. I worry this may be an issue as most members don’t use Facebook. I want to print copies of your recruitment poster and place them in my detachment for all to see. Is this allowed?


  4. I have general concerns about the NCO promotion process, staffing, and pension. I am curious about how the NPF is going to approach this.

    I know a number of people in union/ collective bargaining environments. In these organizations promotions/ staffing of coveted positions are based solely on seniority in the their respective associations and not on any kind of merit. For example a person might have extra training, be a better worker, have better people skills but will lose out on a position or promotion because the person next to them has 2 more days in the association. My question to the NPF is simple, when you are approaching staffing and promotion issues are you going to take a global approach or are the considerations going to be based on seniority?

    Let’s talk about positions in specialized units. I am a member of FIS. I have a friend who is in FIS for a municipal police service with their own police association. Recently they had an internal competition for the Sgt. in charge of their unit, which was ultimately won by someone with absolutely zero experience in FIS. This kind of thing raises big concerns with me. My question to the NPF is when it comes time for promotions within speciality units would the NPF like to see the promotions advertised and competitive Force wide, or should these be open to only those in that specific field?

    One final thought. Any collective bargaining process doesn’t go 100% for any party. These are usually processes where each side gives a little and takes a little. Right now the catch phrase around the force seems to be pay raise but I never hear anything about protection of our pension and benefits. Will the NPF protect our pension and benefits or will these be eroded to allow for a better salary?

  5. Greetings,

    As a new Member to the NPF, I have a question pertaining to Bill C-7… If Bill C-7 is given Royal Ascent, will Members who currently receive Veterans Affairs benefits be stripped of those benefits?


    • Hi Troy, I can see your partially completed registration in our database. In order to complete your registration, please go to and login (left hand side of page) by entering your HRMIS Number and password used to create your account. From there you select the blue PROFILE link and then complete your registration by completing all of the required fields and selecting the button PROCEED TO PAYMENT.

  6. Eddie.

    Not sure if you have had the chance to read the Media summaries for today. The first on is an article stating that the Conservatives are withdrawing their support for Bill C-7. The article goes on to state, “The Liberals are failing to support the brave men and women of the RCMP by forcing them to adopt this undemocratic practice. Conservatives will always stand with the RCMP and we will not support legislation that so blatantly violates the wishes of its members,” O’Toole said.” Correct me if I am misunderstanding, but wasn’t the bill introduced by the Conservatives, who are now trying to shift the blame to the reigning Government as if they were the authors of the Bill. Talk about “spin doctoring information”

    Let me know if you can’t find the article. I have a copy of it.

  7. I’m wondering about tomorrow (May 17th). Bill C-7 has not passed, therefore we will fall under the current Public Service Legislation. Where does this leave current negotiations for a pay increase with Treasury Board? I also see the updated C-7 has removed the references to Veterans Affairs. Great Job with all lobbying efforts! Third, in relation to an unrepresented workforce, who negotiates if the Treasury Board decides to implement pension reform tomorrow, or any other changes to our benefits package. I seem to remember reference to an unelected board, do they now “represent” us?

    Thank You for stepping forward in this time of great uncertainty. As you can see a large number of us are brand new to this.

  8. I am a member now. I still concerns and don’t quite fully understand everything that is going on with everything, but is it true that if XXX number of members are not part of any one “organization” that everything is done? Or is the RCMP going to have to allow for an actual vote to see what options are available and whether or not the membership wants to form an association? If it is the earlier, how can they do this? I think we need to be able to get information out to the membership to make an informed decision because I am sure I am not the only one a little behind on all the workings of this whole unrepresented issue. The only thing I know is that we need some sort of representation before we lose everything, pay, benefits, pension and safe working environment. My two cents.

  9. I am a Member now and have just joined the NPF. While I do not believe it will help me that much, I joined for the future benefit the NPF can provide to the younger Members and those who will join the Force in years to come. I am hopeful that those of us who joined the NPF can get the word out to as many Members as possible to consider joining – we need to hit that 40% of Members to get certified!!!! Let’s strive for higher – just saying. If we don’t stand up for ourselves no one will and our pay/benefits and pension will continue to be eroded. This will have lasting implications for recruiting and the legacy of the organization. If you truly care about the Members, join the NPF so we, the Members, have a voice to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiating for our pay/benefits and pension. We cannot hope to recruit and retain the best people when our leaders are only striving for the “minimum standard.” That is not acceptable. Join the growing ranks of the NPF and be heard – or don’t, but live with your choice without complaint – the choice is yours.

  10. Can anyone shed some light for me. Here is where my head is on this whole thing. It is difficult to get a group certified when there is only one group trying to do it. In that case, it is very difficult to get 40% of the total membership to be willing to sign up to make a change. Most of the remaining 60% are apathetic and would rather wait and be told what to do than make a decision themselves. So now we are sitting here fighting to get 40% of the membership to care enough to join NPF, however, a big portion of people that care enough to make a decision are going to join the other group instead. So my thought was to just join both groups. If every person did that, then one of these groups will get the 40% we need. I’m not trying to stir up crap, I am just looking at this in a realistic way and hoping that we can get more than 80% of the people to join one group or the other (so that at least one will reach 40%) is pretty much an impossible task. I have started telling people that I think that we should join both. But then again, I really don’t know a whole lot about this stuff. Is this allowed or is there something flawed in my logic that someone can correct for me?
    I’m not looking for a pitch on why this group is better than the other. I am just thinking that I am more concerned in getting SOMEONE certified (as opposed to the status quo).

  11. Welcome to “B” Division NPF-FPN.

    Great presentation today in Clarenville by Eddie & Brian. We are on the right track. Keep up the outstanding work you are doing on this organizing drive.

  12. Good afternoon, please be aware that as it is very clear to me that some members of a group who wishes to represent us is / are clearly letting their own personal bias and hatred stand in the way of us getting effective representation in a timely manner. I will taking a look as to who those individuals are and I will be naming them! Regardless of which group they may they belong to, I am of course referring to the will of many members whom wish to see both groups put their differences aside and meet and pool the membership to get us to accreditation sooner rather than later. my goal is to educate the membership so that they elect the right people for the job, I am being non partisan in so far as I have forwarded the exact same message to the MPPAC executive. This message should only threatening to those whom don’t have our best interest at hearth. I would ask that you post this message on your blog and lets see if MPPAC do the same.
    With regards.
    Bruno Paquette

  13. Good day,
    I just joined the NPF after much consideration for both the NPF and the MPPAC. I believe the NPF is the better choice as they seem to have our best interests at heart and have been going about it the right way. I strongly believe that the RCMP NEEDS a union or bargaining unit as it is clear that since it’s inception in 1873 that the Canadian Government has been running this Police force with bare bones resources in areas of staffing, equipment, etc. and continues to do so while putting our safety at risk. Let’s face it, we, the front line officers, are the ones that take the risk everyday we go to work. I, for one, want to come home safely to my family after my shift, but being short handed and not having proper equipment to do our jobs puts us all at risk. We need to organize so that we can bring some teeth to the bargaining table, otherwise we will continue to be at the mercy of the Canadian government.

    Cst. T.M. BENOIT.

  14. I just found out about NPF and MPPAC from a couple of other members. I was not aware of any representation for us. I’m sure there are many more who are not aware as well. Many members do not have Facebook, nor are they interested in getting an account. My questions is how is NPF getting out there so members are aware of this group? How many members are presently signed up with NPF? Is there any time line on when Certification will happen?

    Thank you

    M.Kelly (KDiv)

  15. I thought I read somewhere that it may be as early as march that a bid to certify may be forthcoming. With the commissioner’s comment last week that a pay raise won’t even be considered until after April 1st. When notice to certify comes I recall that everything freezes. Does this mean that the pay package submitted would be frozen for action as well or can that move forward even though a bid to certify goes ahead?
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  16. Good morning!
    Just joined today from Cole Harbour. H Div.
    I’m an old new guy with 6 years service, all of it in K Div. I’ve been in Unions my entire life and YES we need to be unionized to address our concerns.
    I’ve read some good posts here, and first and foremost we need to get our pay up at least 100 000/year: this is the cost of policing and we are becoming the “Walmart” of policing and not Canada’s best! No other police force has multiple deaths like the RCMP and we only spend money when it comes to Funerals!
    BC and Alberta are losing Members every month, as Members join municipal or transit or bylaw police and make 100grand!!! /yr.
    Information is the problem and there are thousands of Members like me who have been stalling joining because the RCMP management has not made this easy. Please don’t give up on the fight to allow information to be sent on Groupwise!!!this is the main problem. All other federal unions are allowed this right!!
    Many Members do not have Facebook and many old guys like me hate computers!!hehe.
    Keep up the good work and if you need a shop steward give me a call.

  17. Just heard a rumour that Lethbridge PD just signed a contract paying 109K for a 1st class Cst. We’re not even on the same planet let alone playing field.

  18. Sorry, just to clarify my last comment on Lethbridge PD possibly settling a contract for 109K for a 1st Class Cst. My intent is not to whine but if the NPF Exec can confirm this to be true, it may provide more punch for them to present our case to the TB. Thanks for your work.

  19. Money is not everything but the wage gap between Delta’s own municipal police force (Delta is a city between Richmond and Surrey (both RCMP) in BC is quite noticeable. The salary for their fist class constable, after 4 years, is $101,733. Ours is $82,108, after 3 years.

  20. Gentlemen:

    There has been much ado of late with the emergence of the camp. It doesn’t appear this an association in and of itself but rather an attempt to get the various groups to play together in the same sandbox and form one single association sooner rather than later. I attended one of your early town halls in London and I liked what you had to say and your level of preparedness. With the inexplicable stalling surrounding the passing of C-4 it seems, at least from the outside looking in, that we are possibly years and not a few months from getting the currently required 40% number to have you apply to be our bargaining agent. Now I hear rumours, at least for now, unsubstantiated rumours, that has been siphoning off NPF members faster than we are acquiring them. With yet another takeaway announced by RCMP management in the past week, it’s not hard to see that member frustration is at an all time high. I know that there has been a dialogue between the MPPAC and the NPF about a unification, but no progress of any kind on that front has been reported. I am reluctant to just abandon my ties with the NPF and throw support behind a movement with no published plan or specifics. I feel we have one chance, and only one, to get this right. I haven’t seen anything like a solid plan besides yours, but this stalemate is beginning to take its toll on the membership.

    Perhaps it is high time to publish a detailed issue by issue account of what is stalling merger talks, address the membership numbers issues and the emergence of the campaign and what that means and get some meaningful negotiations going with the other prospective associations without being forced to dismantle entirely. I see this new organization as nothing but a vote splitting machine that smacks of desperation and frustration at a perceived lack of progress. I think that this now represents the single biggest barrier, aside from the passage of C-4, standing in the way of an association of any stripe. I believe it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Please comment


    Jamie Robilliard

  21. “Leaders are the ones who have the courage to go first, to put themselves at personal risk to open a path for others to follow”.

    Kudos to Sgt. Backus , Cpl. Mulrooney and all those who had the courage to stand up against a shortsighted government and our inept, self-serving senior management. 7693 and counting!

  22. I joined today. Please apply for certification ASAP…enough waiting! There is no”good faith” on the other side; use the momentum…they cannot counter the speed, surprise and overwhelming power of action. Let’s get this done.

  23. I am also in the camp of “apply for certification right away” while the current framework may be onerous, the surge is going on now, lets not lose any momentum. If we have to vote still under the current framework, let’s vote – the time is now while everyone is marching in the same direction. Any delay might result in losing this momentum, and like your post said the last bill is almost a year old and sitting in limbo. Senior executives and government are happy to wait it out, hoping that the momentum dies out, let’s not let it get to that. I’m sure we all understand that the process to actually have a union in place will not be an overnight thing, but we have to at least get things started. Waiting ‘another week’ may turn into ‘next month’ then ‘after the summer’ since the house takes July and August off. Let’s get it going, maybe a vote will be a waste of time and effort but with the momentum we have, the vote will be a foregone conclusion, if we drag our feet on this we risk losing all the progress. No time like the present,

    In considering these alternatives, it’s important to keep in mind that the last RCMP-related Bill that the Senate amended back in June 2016 is still sitting in limbo with the Government.

    This past week, we signed the application for certification and our lawyers are finalizing other documents required so NPF will be able to file our application early next week. We welcome your feedback on this critical decision.

  24. I just joined May 6, 2017.
    If you are on the fence about joining it’s time to make a move and join the NPF-FPN.
    Our members need a strong voice going forward as it is clear those who attempted to “bargain” with past governments failed miserably.
    The previous model didn’t work and now is our chance to make a difference as one united force. Together we can make a difference and affect the future of all members.
    The time is now …
    Sgt Gregory Rose, Ottawa

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