Minister Goodale and Commissioner Lucki announce new Interim Management Board for the RCMP

As many of you will have read or heard, the Commissioner and Minister of Public Safety recently announced plans for a new civilian board of management for the RCMP to provide expertise and advice to the Commissioner in the non-law enforcement management areas of the force.

This announcement comes after two reports in Spring of 2017, the CRCC report and Sheila Fraser report which made a number of recommendations, including the establishment of this new Board.

The NPF is cautiously optimistic about this initiative and fully expects to be consulted and provide input when further details are announced in the Spring of 2019.

Minister Goodale also announced that the Government plans to amend the RCMP Act (2014) to make this board of management permanent. The NPF eagerly awaits the opportunity to provide Parliament and Senate evidence on this legislation as there are several other areas that need to be amended such as the excessive, sweeping powers of the Commissioner regarding conduct and administrative discharge. The NPF has provided comment on this to several media outlets, to advocate for a voice in this process.

As more information is known, we will keep you up to date.

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