New Unfair Labour Practice Complaint filed

On February 15, the NPF filed a new Unfair Labour Practice (ULP) complaint against the Treasury Board (RCMP). This ULP addresses changes to the NCO promotion system requiring the completion of the Supervisor and Manager Development Programs (SDP & MDP) prior to being eligible for promotion to the next rank.

Although the NPF is supportive of RCMP members receiving training (in fact, the more the better) our members tell us that it’s difficult if not impossible to implement these requirements due to ongoing staff shortages, as they cannot be released from their existing position to complete the required training. This is just another example of how RCMP short-staffing and resource challenges impede and impact our members’ safety, success and quality of life.

You can read the complaint here: (Link to ULP SDP/MDP)

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One thought on “New Unfair Labour Practice Complaint filed

  1. Thank you for making this complaint, as it directly effects me. I was promoted to Cpl in 2007. I have made application for the SDP in the past, and have been told verbally that as I was promoted some time ago, I’m not eligible or a priority to take the course as the priority is for newly promoted members. I would be stuck in a Catch 22 of sorts; can’t get a future promotion because I was promoted early in service and have not been looking at promotion until the past year or two.

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